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Constitution Day Celebration 2011

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum hosted a Constitution Day event on Thursday, September 15th to celebrate the 224th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.  Co-sponsored by the James Madison Institute, this event featured reenactment performers portraying some of the leading voices in American and Florida history, including Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, James and Dolley Madison and former Florida Governor William Sherman Jennings.  Also appearing at the Celebration were the winners of the 2011 Florida History Fair who shared their rendition of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate*. 
The links below will provide you with temporary access to videos of these performances, and to related resources.  The Department of Education is pleased to host these in time for classroom use during Celebrate Freedom Week – the last week in September. These videos are also available now on Florida iTunes U. (Requires iTunes software installation)

Constitution Day Celebration Videos

  • Introduction: (DOE reference number (7000001)
    • Length - 1:40 - File Type: WMV - File Size - 5.68 MB
  • The Founding of Our Nation, Part 1 (7000002) Franklin, Patrick, and Madison recount the creation and signing of the Constitution.
    • Length - 27:34 - File Type: WMV - File Size -93.3 MB
  • The Founding of Our Nation, Part 2 (7000003) Franklin, Patrick, and Madison respond to questions.
    • Length - 28:20 - File Type: WMV - File Size - 96 MB
  • The Founding of Our Nation, Part 3 (7000004)
    • Length - 13:33 - File Type: WMV - File Size - 45.8 MB
  • Benjamin Franklin addresses students about thriftiness and answers their questions about his inventions, such as bifocals. (7000005)
    • Length 23:30 - File Type: WMV - File Size - 79.6 MB
  • Patrick Henry delivers his speech “A Call to Arms” (Give me liberty, or give me death.) Historical background is provided by Mr. Henry’s “assistant”. (7000006)
    • Length 22:44 - File Type WMV - File Size - 77 MB
  • James and Dolley Madison recount tales of early American life as America’s first power couple. (7000007)
    • Length 28:42 - File Type WMV - File Size 97.2 MB
  • Florida Governor William Sherman Jennings reprises portions of his 1903 speech celebrating America’s independence. (7000008)
    • Length 14:32- File Type: WMV - File Size - 49.2 MB
  • About Florida Historic Capitol Museum (7000009)
    • Length - 3.59 - File Type: WMV - File Size - 13.5 MB

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*This performance is not available in video due to audio problems.

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Last Modified: Friday, September 23, 2011